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Frequently Asked Questions


Can Crackle finishes be used in wet areas?

Yes, crackle glazes can be used in showers and steam showers, if they are sealed propery. Crackle glazes are given a temporary sealer in the factory that will get the tile through installation, but require sealing with a penetrating sealer at the same time you seal the grout.


What sealer should I use after installation?

When we pre-seal crackle glazes we use Miracle Seal 511 or an equivalent. Use a quality penetrating sealer and follow the manufactures instructions.


What is Crazing or Crackle? And Stain?

Crazing, also called Crackle are tiny cracks that form in the glaze surface during the firing process. At Wizard you have the option to have the crackle stained to enhance the glaze color. You can choose Clear, black or Sepia.


What color stain does this crackle tile have?

Check the back label of the sample to determine which stain was used. It the tile is not labeled download this Glaze Identifier. The description of each glaze contains the default crackle stain we use when sampling that glaze.


Can I get Wizard glazes on Hawthorne tile and vise versa?

No. Wizard and Hawthorne tile are on different clay bodies and fired at different temperatures, so they won’t look the same.


Where can I buy Wizard products?

Wizard products are available from over 100 tile showrooms across the country. Use our Dealer Locator to find the one that is closest to you.


Should we seal matte glazes prior to grouting?

Yes. Especially if you are using a contrasting grout color. If you are using a black grout on a matte white tile we strongly recommend pre-sealing. It is always a good idea to test grout a piece of matte tile if you are concerned about staining.


Can I get edge glazing on Wizard, Bison, and Hawthorne Tile?

Yes. The cost for edge glazes is the same as bullnosing and are Made To Order.


Can you make a tile this color? Probably.

We have an extensive glaze library from our over 25 years of tile making. If we don’t have a color like it we can make it custom for a fee.


Does this glaze come in Solid, Crackle and Matte?

Maybe. We sample glazes in the finishes they are available in. A very few glazes come in multiple finishes. Give us a call or email your question and we will get an answer for you.