Can Wizard Crackle Glazes be used in the shower?

Yes, Wizard crackle glazes can be used in showers and steam showers, if they are sealed properly. Crackle glazes are given a temporary sealer in the factory that will get the tile through installation, but require sealing with a penetrating sealer at the same time you seal the grout.

Can I use Bison Brick outside?

Yes, Bison has earned an Exterior Grade rating by passing the ASTM C-1088 test.  We recommend Bison for exterior verticals surfaces and suggest installation with the Laticrete MVIS system of materials.

Can I use Wizard products on my fireplace?

Yes,  Wizard Tile, Bison Brick and Hawthorne can be used on fireplace surrounds.  Our ceramic tile and brick have a Class A fire rating and a Flame Spread Rating of 0.  If properly installed they can be used in any high heat application.  We do not recommend constant exposure to direct flame as glazes will discolor.

How do I clean my Wizard tile?

We recommend simply wiping your tile with a damp cleaning cloth.  For larger messes we recommend the the use of non-abrasive household cleaners such as Soft Scrub.  We do not recommend the use of acid or abrasive cleansers.

Can I get a custom glaze?

Yes,  At Wizard we have a team of glaze technicians that can make you that special glaze for your project.  Send us sample or picture of the glaze you need.  We will look through our glaze library to see if we have made the color in the past.  If we have, we can make a sample, if not a custom glaze can be made.  There is a custom glaze charge of $350 and minimum order size of $1000.

Can I get a custom size tile or pattern?

Yes,  at heart Wizard is a custom shop and have the capabilities to make custom shapes, patterns, profiles and glazes.  Send us a sample or picture and we will have a look.  Set up charges and minimum job size limits may apply.

Can you match is old tile of mine?

Maybe….   Matching old tile made by a different manufacturer is tough.  Send us a picture and we will have a look.  If we have something close we may be able to help.  There are really two levels of matching.  Making a tile that “looks like” another is often possible.  Making an “identical tile” to another to make an invisible repair is nearly always impossible and is always expensive.

Do you still make this Glaze?

Probably,  at Wizard we rarely discontinue a glaze because we can’t make it.  We rotate our current offering as color trends change and continue to support older glazes even if they are not in our current offering.  Send us the sample and we will look at it.

Do all Wizard glazes come in all surface finishes?

No.  We don’t offer all Wizard glazes in all surfaces.  We have different surface options for some colors, but changing the surface of a glaze often changes the color as well.  So a matte version of a glaze is a completely different formula from the shiny version.  If you need a glaze in different surface ask us and we will see if have one in the back catalog. If we have it we can make us a sample, if not a custom glaze change may be required.

Where can I get Wizard Products?

Wizard Products are only available through Wizard Enterprise Showrooms.  Use the dealer locator in the right hand column to find the closest Wizard Showroom.